As midwives we have been supporting families through pregnancy and labour for many years. We witnessed time and time again how much of a difference a family’s mind-set makes to their overall experience of birth. We wished we could help more birthing people to find that calm, powerful state that comes from feeling confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby.

But how could we help families get there?

Luckily, we met some amazing mums and birthing people that showed us the way. We saw them welcome each sensation labour brought on with a positive attitude, take control over their birthing environment and being fully supported by their birth partners. They showed us they knew how to support the labour process in their own way. They were prepared for their dream birth, and also to make the best of the situation when their experience deviated from their original plans. They were empowered and confident and they had one thing in common, they were hypnobirthing.

The more we learned about hypnobirthing the more we saw how effective it is at breaking through the modern culture of fear around birth and at supporting families to rediscover how empowering labour and birth can be.

So here we are, finally ready to share this approach and our knowledge with you!

Elena & Lenka x

"Women's bodies have their own wisdom, and a system of birth refined over 100,000 generations is not so easily overpowered."