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Massage Therapy

All sessions are tailored to address your needs and your comfort level, offering an experience that is deeply relaxing yet therapeutic and effective.


60 min - £65

90 min - £90

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Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy is a unique and transformative experience for our body and mind. Whilst usually joyful and full of excitement, it also comes with its share of physical and emotional discomfort as we adjust to the changes. Pregnancy massage not only feels so good, but it has been shown to:

  • Increase relaxation and reduce anxiety

  • Decrease joint and muscle discomfort

  • Improve sleep, digestion and breathing

  • Improve mum and baby’s wellbeing by reducing the impact of stress 

  • Help mum feel more comfortable in her body and in touch with herself and baby

  • Contribute to easier, shorter labours


My knowledge and experience as massage therapist and midwife allows me to offer a thoughtful and creative approach to treating you, integrating different touch modalities and midwifery knowledge to support your wellbeing through pregnancy, labour and beyond. 

Postnatal Massage

Receiving massage after birth is a wonderful way to support your physical and emotional recovery. Whatever your birth experience, your body will be going through more profound transformations in the first weeks and months to heal, restore balance and respond to baby’s needs. 

In this delicate and vulnerable time in your life, a period of postnatal nurturing is essential to support you. Massage offers an opportunity to “mother the mother” as you learn to care for your baby and integrate the recent experiences and new demands. In the all consuming work that is parenting, taking time for yourself and your wellbeing is essential for the health of your family. A mother who’s being nourished physically and emotionally will be better equipped to care for herself and her children, forming stronger and healthier bonds with her family, benefiting everyone. ​

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Couple's Massage

Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic bodywork together, in the comfort of your home.  We use an intuitive blend of a wide variety of massage styles, finding the techniques which will provide the best results for you. Every treatment will combine elements of both deeply therapeutic and powerfully relaxing techniques. This service is provided in collaboration with Kai of Living Aloha Massage

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