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"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers
who trust themselves and know their inner strength." BARBARA KATZ ROTHMAN

Hi, I'm Elena. 

Wise Mamas founder and fierce advocate for family centred care.

I believe pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are very personal experiences and that you should be respected as the true expert at every turn. I am dedicated to supporting families in finding their voice and their power through pregnancy and birth as I believe this helps immensely in our journey as parents.

I’ve been involved in maternity care in different roles and around the world since 2008. I am originally from Italy but have enjoyed being a bit of a nomad for most of my life. After being a doula and pregnancy massage specialist in California and Central America, and becoming a mum myself, I started my midwifery training in Italy in 2011. Through my studies, I also had the privilege of training with Ina May Gaskin and the Farm midwives in Tennessee. 

I joined the NHS in 2015, fell in love with East Sussex, and have been supporting our local families since, starting my own private midwife practice in 2022.


My passion and expertise lay with continuity of care. Building a trusting relationship with a midwife you get to know and who knows you has been shown time and time again to be one of the most powerful tools to keep you and your baby well. I’ve chosen to become an independent midwife to be able to offer this gold standard level of care consistently and in a truly personalised way, giving you and your family the time, space and attention you need to thrive. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me at the local Crossfit gym with my son Luca and husband Kai or walking in the woods with our

pup Scooby. 

Our Midwives

Hi, I'm Becky.

I have been a midwife since 2001. I have worked in obstetric units, birth centres homebirth and community teams all within the NHS and recently I took the leap to become a private midwife. I have always held the belief that pregnancy and birth are natural, physiological events in a person’s life. Throughout my career I have strived to practise in a way that respects and promotes that, whilst also looking out for the sometimes subtle undertones which may indicate a genuine need to intervene to preserve safety.

My midwifery journey began early on, inspired by my godmother. She was a midwife and looked after my mum during her pregnancies with my sisters. It was during the home birth of my youngest sister that I was first introduced to the world of midwifery. This experience, though I didn't realize it then, profoundly shaped the kind of midwife I aspired to become.


My passion lies in the continuity of care model. Relationship based midwifery as I see it is the only way forward. Birth practices in 'western' cultures are shocking, with high intervention rates and soaring birth trauma. It's impacting not just our immediate health but also future pregnancies and our ability to birth naturally. With true relationship based midwifery care, research has proven that intervention rates are lower, birth experiences are more positive and the outcomes are better.

I live in Hailsham, East Sussex with my husband and youngest child – the older two now having moved out – ish! All three of my children were born at home, and were all very different and
empowering experiences. I experienced a fantastic level of continuity of care during my pregnancy and birth of my eldest, and then no continuity during my pregnancy and birth of my second child. For me, this had a massive impact on my pregnancy and birth experience and was fundamental in decisions I made about my own midwifery care while pregnant with my third child.

When I'm not practicing midwifery, I find joy in yoga and adult gymnastics classes. Family life is still cherished, albeit a tad quieter these days.

Welcome to my journey, and I'm excited to be a part of yours.

Our Doula / Midwife's Assistant

Hi, I'm Jo.

I've been a doula since 2013 and a midwife's assistant since

Wise Mamas launched in 2022.

I'm a hypnobirthing instructor, a breastfeeding peer supporter

and have trained in biomechanics for birth and mother blessing ceremonies.

I'm a mother of five children and one adorable puppy called Pedro. I believe my calling to support families stems from my own experience of early life in the foster care system.

My passion for this work is intertwined with my creativity.

Beyond doula care, I find joy in writing, playing the guitar, singing, and painting.



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