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The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme

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This bespoke course combines the most up to date information and research about birth and the postnatal period with relaxation and breathing techniques aimed at helping you remain calm and feel in control through your pregnancy, labour and life. The course will prepare you to have a positive experience during birth as well as in feeding and caring for your baby. As an experienced midwife, I will be able to answer your questions and offer specific resources and support for your individual needs.

Ideally, you could start The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme between 24 and 30 weeks, but it will be incredibly useful wherever you are in your pregnancy, even pre-conception.


What you will learn:

·         lots of practical tools and relaxation techniques for a positive birth

·         the impact of your mind on the birthing process and how to use this to your benefit

·         the important role of your birth partner/team

·         the physiology of labour and birth

·         your birth choices and how to develop your birth plan

·         how to create the ideal birthing environment in any setting

·         how to prevent and manage challenges/complications during pregnancy and labour

·         how to feed your baby

·         newborn care

·         self-care after birth and in early parenting


What is included with The Complete Hypnobirthing Programme:

·         8-9 hrs of teaching

·         course manual

·         relaxation MP3s

·         access to client area for additional resources

·         continued support by your instructor via phone/email/Zoom

Cost: £350

Payment plans available



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