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Prepare for a positive birth experience, not a "normal" birth

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Because here’s the thing…there’s no such a thing as a “normal” birth. Birth is unique in its very nature and preparing to achieve a “normal” birth isn’t enough on its own.

Understanding how our birthing bodies work and how to promote a physiological birth with minimal interruptions/interventions is only part of the equation. Your preparation should go beyond achieving your ideal scenario and help you develop a level of confidence that isn’t attached to the type of birth you have, the analgesia you use or any particular elements of your experience.

We’ve met families who’ve had amazing, uplifting experiences with their unplanned instrumental or caesarean births and families who had to work hard to process their challenging emotions after their straight forward “normal” birth. How we feel about our birth experience has a lot more to do with our preparation, how we are treated and supported by the people around us, our expectations and standards, than the way we actually give birth.

Preparing for a positive birth experience means knowing your options and reflecting on what choices are best for you and your family. It means feeling confident in your body’s ability to grow and birth your baby and in your competence to make the right choices for you. It means having access to reliable and balanced information to answer your questions. It means facing your fears and insecurities and recognising your strengths. It means surrounding yourself with people who respect and support you and your autonomy. It means being assertive in your right to be treated with dignity, set your boundaries, and be listened to in all circumstances. It means feeling confident that whatever turns your birthing journey may take, you have tools and strategies to adapt, to remain in control and to continue to make choices that feel right for you and your family. This is our mission. This is the type of preparation we strive to offer each family at Wise Mamas.

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