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The Hypnobirthing Workshop

Are you interested in Hypnobirthing but find yourself with limited time or budget? Maybe you didn’t know about Hypnobirthing until late in your pregnancy or have already done some antenatal classes but still feel fearful when thinking about giving birth? Or maybe your original birth plans had to change unexpectedly in the last stretch and you need support and practical tips to regroup and refocus.

Good news, this condensed workshop may be just what you need.  It will provide you with tools and techniques to start your hypnobirthing practice and get back on track towards feeling excited about birth as the amazing experience it can be. 

What you will learn:

·         practical tools and relaxation techniques for a positive birth

·         the impact of your mind on the birthing process and how to use this to your benefit

·         the important role of your birth partner/team

·         how to develop your birth plan

·         how to create the ideal birthing environment in any setting

·         how to prevent and manage challenges/complications during pregnancy and labour


What is included with The Hypnobirthing Workshop:

·         3 hrs of teaching

·         course manual

·         breathing techniques

·         continued support by your instructor via phone/email/Zoom

Cost: £180

Payment plans available


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