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Move your bumP

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Did you know that over 80% of all hospital births in the UK happen with mum lying on her back, but when at home or in birth centres 80% of mums give birth in upright positions?

Well, the evidence is clear. Wherever you are, moving during labour and birth is beneficial to both mum and baby. Upright and forward leaning is the way to go.

Freedom of movement in labour is not a new concept. In fact, the word “obstetric” reflects how historically we have always laboured in upright positions. It was common for women to stand on bricks and squat to give birth, so the birth attendant would stand opposite to support them.

Obstetrics comes from the Latin word Obstetrix, "midwife," or literally "one who stands opposite." Standing opposite to support, balance, reassure as women squatted and moved to birth their babies. The trend of asking women to lie on their back to give birth is a much newer development, starting with doctors taking over the role of midwives in the last few centuries and using more interventions to assist births.

Fortunately some obstetric doctors are remembering the basics of our physiology and go above and beyond to support our birthing bodies naturally. Here Camila is dancing with her obstetrician, Dr. Fernando Guedes, to help baby come down and manage her discomfort. Baby was born 10 min after their dance.

Dancing is such a great way to relax your pelvis and your mind during pregnancy and birth. Getting the giggles is an added bonus which helps all around!

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