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Pregnancy Massage - its benefits and finding the right therapist

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Pregnancy is a unique and transformative experience for our body and mind. As our baby grows, our organs, muscles and bones need to adjust rapidly. Our hormones raise and fall with the different stages of pregnancy, affecting our mind and emotions as well. Accepting and surrendering to these changes is part of the process, but we can also address any physical and emotional discomforts that may arise. Receiving massage in pregnancy is a wonderful way to integrate and feel whole, to relax and release the built up tension. Massage gives us an opportunity to connect deeper with ourselves and our babies and feel better in our changing bodies.

Pregnancy massage has been shown to:

  • Increase relaxation and reduce anxiety,

  • Decrease joint and muscle discomfort,

  • Improve sleep, digestion and breathing,

  • Improve mum and baby’s wellbeing by reducing the impact of stress,

  • Help mum feel more comfortable in her body and in touch with herself and baby,

  • Contribute to easier, shorter labours.

There’s such value in making the time for stillness in our busy world. As our culture adds more and more pressure on us as we prepare to become mothers, massage gives us a special space to just be with ourselves, our bodies and our babies. It gives us a protected time to receive, a time where we are truly at the centre, which we all deserve to experience regularly to feel whole and be able to give to others.

Want to take advantage of all the benefits pregnancy massage has to offer? The key is finding the right therapist for you. Whilst pregnancy massage is offered by many spas, it’s not so easy to find a therapist who’s truly comfortable with working on pregnant clients and will be prepared to work effectively and not just offer a routine they learned for pregnancy massage, same for all. Don’t get me wrong, this may still help you relax and it may feel nice, but when it comes to working more deeply and addressing your particular areas of tension, that type of work alone won’t cut it.

Look for a therapist who is competent and confident enough to use different techniques to help your changing body and self. Everybody is different and so is every pregnant body, so look for a massage therapist that assesses your particular needs and adapts their work for you.

If you’re in Hastings and would like to know more about our mobile pregnancy massages, head over to our services and have a look. We’d love to help you feel well and comfortable in your body and mind.

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